Aibukan Dojo Membership

Aibukan Dojo operates more as a Martial Arts Club for its members’ benefit rather than a for-profit business. What that means is that unlike a commercialized studio, there are no locked-in contract periods for which the member is committed. The Chief Instructor does not make his living from the Dojo operation. A person can train month to month, and although the entire Aibukan Budo Curriculum is required for general training, in a reasonable time one can request to concentrate more on specific components of Aibukan Budo and specialize if so desired. Another aspect of Aibukan’s operation is the fact that all required fees and dues are designed to be kept at a minimum. Fees and dues are calculated to be just sufficient to meet the Dojo expenses and ensure a safe place to perform training.

If a person is interested in learning more about Aibukan Dojo, they are invited to come watch one or more classes. This gives the prospective member an opportunity to meet the Sensei and other members and discuss the prospective member’s training needs, wants, and expectations. Following these visits, the prospective member is invited to participate in a training session at no cost. That session will be planned, and it will be appropriate for the entry-level participant. Experience has shown that these steps of orientation make it more likely for the member to make a greater commitment to their training and enjoy a lasting relationship with their practice of martial arts.

After that visit, the prospective member will have the option to join the Aibukan Dojo Club to embark on a path of training in our Aibukan Budo (Martial Arts).

Our Location

Aibukan Dojo
925 Hale Pl. #B-12
Chula Vista, CA 91914
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Membership Fees

Annual Membership $75
Individual Monthly $120
Matt Fee (visitors) $15
Late payment $10
Returned Check $25