Junior Rankings

Aibukan Budo and the Aibukan Dojo USA uses the following belt grade and title certification system for its junior students:

Times in grade are considered a minimal general baseline. Exceptions are possible but rare, depending upon the individual and amount of time dedicated toward practice and study.

KYU (Mudansha)

10th Kyu (Ju-kyu) white belt with one stripe 1 Month in beginning grade
9th Kyu (Ku-kyu) white belt with two stripe 1 Month as 10th kyu
8th Kyu (Hachi-kyu) yellow belt 1 Month as 9th kyu
7th Kyu (Nanakyu) yellow belt with one stripe 1 Month as 8th kyu
6th Kyu (Rokkyu) orange belt 2 Months as 7th kyu
5th Kyu (Gokyu) orange belt with one stripe 3 Months as 6th kyu
4th Kyu (Yonkyu) blue belt 3 months as 5th kyu
3rd Kyu (Sankyu) blue belt with one stripe 6 - 12 Months as 4th kyu
2nd Kyu (Nikyu) purple belt 6 - 12 Months as 3rd kyu
1st Kyu (Ikkyu) purple belt with one stripe 6 - 12 Months as 2nd kyu

This system also considers the age factor of the junior student. For example, in Japanese, juniors are divided into two age groups. Yonen are the juniors in the age group 12 yrs. and under. Shonen are junior students 13 to 17 years old. In our study at the Aibukan Dojo, we try to transition the junior student to the adult grade/ranks at age 14 if at all possible. The adult grades start with the Green Belt, then Brown, and then Black. It is also a requirement that any Teenager meeting the performance requirements of the 1st degree black belt material, must be 16 years of age before testing for that level.

As always, the time in grade and required material listed are considered minimal and are subject to change and or enhancement by the Aibukan Chief Instructor.

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