Adult Rankings

There are many versions of the DAN/KYU ranking system originally devised by judo founder Jigoro Kano. This was first designated at Kano’s Kodokan Judo School (1882) and later all other systems (Karate and Aikido as well) adopted their own version.

Kyu grades (Mudansha) are below black belt (DAN or Yudansha). Regardless of the use of kyu colored belts, all kyu grades are considered white relative to the black belt.

Times in grade are considered a minimal general baseline. Exceptions are possible but rare, depending upon the individual and amount of time dedicated toward practice and study.

Aibukan Budo and the Aibukan Dojo USA uses the following belt grade and title certification system:

KYU (Mudansha)

7th Kyu (Nanakyu) 3 months in beginning grade
6th Kyu (Rokkyu) 3 months as 7th kyu
5th Kyu (Gokyu) 3 months as 6th kyu
4th Kyu (Yonkyu) 3 months as 5th kyu
3rd Kyu (Sankyu) 6 - 12 Months as Yonkyu
2nd Kyu (Nikyu) 6 - 12 Months as Sankyu
1st Kyu (Ikkyu) 9 - 12 Months as Nikyu

DAN (Yudansha)

1st Dan (Shodan)
1 Year as Ikkyu
2nd Dan (Nidan)
(Leader/Assistant Trainer)
2 Years as Shodan
3rd Dan (Sandan)
(Trainer/Asst. Instructor)
2 Years as Nidan
4th Dan (Yondan)
(Certified Instructor)
3 Years as Sandan
5th Dan (Godan)
(Certified Senior Instructor)
4 Years as Yondan
6th Dan (Rokudan)
5 Years as Godan
7th Dan (Nandan)
(Master Teacher)
6 Years as Rokudan
8th Dan (Hachidan)
(Professor Master Teacher of Teachers)
7 Years as Nandan
9th Dan (Kudan)
(Professor/Grand Master)
8 Years as Hachidan
10th Dan (Judan)
(Professor/Grand Master, System’s Treasure)
9 Years as Kudan

LKD Grade System (hover your cursor above any belt image above to see the LKD level)

This is the outline model equivalent to the old style Kyu/Dan promotional grading system. This is intended for adaptation to a modern Martial Arts grading system and training. The idea of this view is such that training in Martial Arts is a learning process of the training methods, techniques and material presented to the one who is studying. Once a practitioner learns a level of the curriculum, it is the desired objective that the material is retained as Knowledge. It is to keep and be recalled from memory and body movement as needed. Thus, we arrive at the name of grading level as Learning/Knowledge Domain Levels. The levels begin at 1 and continue upward needed for the curriculum. It should be noted that the correlating name titles to LKD numbers are additional recognition and not standard issue with the grade level. It should also be noted that Aibukan Budo trains its members for individual responsibility. That is for every level to mentor those training at levels below you so as to have an ongoing group of members at various levels and experience with whom to train. That is one who has gone before you to help show the way in addition to perfecting your training with qualified instructors.

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