This art generally projects aspects or combined portions of several martial arts of Japanese origin if this title of Goshin-jutsu is used. The idea of application for Goshin-Jutsu or in any term for self-defense indicates an urgent scenario need of one’s safety and that of a direct threat. The defending person’s mindset must at that moment “hit a switch” to become aggressive enough at the time to save oneself from the threat. Therefore in understanding the practice and approach to Goshin-jutsu (self-defense), one must realize that opposed to the practice of kata (forms) or intricate complicated techniques the response for self-defense needs to be very direct, quick and simple.

The techniques however usually are developed from specific martial arts to address a current need to defend against current trends of attack scenarios. Again, the emphasis should be on the need, but keeping the response technique simple, immediate, direct and effective. Reality based self-defense practice and training should always incorporate the mindset idea of once you respond immediately follow up by getting to a position of distance/safety. No matter how good your skill level might seem to be, in the real threat attack/defense situation, the desired outcome is always to get away to a position of distance and safety.

Our Goshin-jutsu curriculum is influenced by our founder’s years of experience working in and on this reality based need for his various assignments /jobs in his 8 yrs. active duty military and 30 yrs. as a sworn Law Enforcement Officer (L.E.O.). The Aibukan Direct Action Plan (A.D.A.P.) self-defense curriculum has the Following major component parts;

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