Judo (Ju-Gentle, Do-Way) this art is a method of turning an opponent’s strength against them and overcoming by a high degree of technical skill involving balance and body mechanics. Founded by Professor Jigoro Kano (1860-1938) and is of Japanese origin. Dr. Kano’s Kodokan School of Judo was established in 1882. Kodokan Judo was derived from the parent art of Jujutsu of which several Jujutsu systems were at the base of what became known as Kodokan Judo.

These systems included; Tenjin-Shinyo Ryu, Kito Ryu, Fusen Ryu and others not as well known. Judo is an art of self defense and in later years became an Olympic sport. Judo is divided into three technical categories; Tachi Waza (Standing Technique), Ne-Waza (Ground Technique) and Atemi Waza (Striking Vital Points). Tachi Waza has throwing techniques divided into; Hand, Hip, Foot/Leg, and Sacrifice throws. Ne-Waza has hold down or pinning techniques, strangle techniques and joint locking submission techniques.

The Jujutsu of Fusen Ryu may have been the parent art of the specific type of ground fighting techniques. Atemi Waza includes striking with either hand or foot to target vital points for self defense. Founder Jigoro Kano is said to be credited for originating the color belt (Obi) grading system worn on the training uniform (Gi). This system in some form or another is widely used today by many types of martial arts, even if they are not Japanese. Judo has a strong influence on Aibukan Dojo Aibukan Budo. This is one of the first arts studied by our founder Snowden Sensei, who studied to an advance grade level in this art.

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