Taihojutsu means arrest technique, and is a self defense system used by the Japanese Police. This system consists of techniques taken from several Japanese Martial Arts. The arts include Judo, Jujutsu, Kendo, Karate-Do, Aikido, Baton techniques, and other combative/defensive tactics. Another aspect of this training is the ancient Samurai art of Hojojutsu, the art of tying a subject to immobilize them. This is done by using a cord, rope, or other control/restraint device. The practice of combat includes partner sparring in padded kendo type head, chest, and hand protectors. When sparring, the entire package of training such as punching, kicking, throwing/takedown, controlling, and baton technique is executed.

This area of training has an influence to the Aibukan Dojo curriculum due to the training our Founder Snowden Sensei received on several trips to Japan training with the Japanese Police. Additionally Snowden Sensei initiated and revised a program curriculum for the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy, much of which is used to this day. Snowden Sensei spent eight years (1993-2001) as the Chief Core Instructor at that Academy.

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